Unitron Bundle - uTV3 + uStream Bluetooth System

Unitron Bundle - uTV3 + uStream Bluetooth System

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Includes uTV3 + uStream

If your family members are complaining that you are turning up the volume of the TV to an uncomfortably high level, it’s time to consider a better approach. Unitron uTV 3 Bluetooth System is an easy-to-use system that gives you full control over the volume of your TV listening experience. You hear clear audio directly through your hearing instruments without having to turn up the volume for everyone else.

The Unitron uTV 3 connects your hearing aids wirelessly to your TV or other audio devices through the uStream. The system consists of three main elements: your hearing aids, the uStream and the uTV 3.

The uTV 3 is connected to your TV (or any other audio source) and wirelessly sends stereo audio signals from your TV to uStream within a range of up to 30 meters. The uTV 3 also serves as a charging cradle for your uStream when it is not in use.

Note: uTV 3 and uStream bundle is compatible with Unitron North hearing aids. Please check for compatibility.