Hearing Aid Batteries - Power One - All Sizes

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Size: 10
Quantity: One Packet (6 Cells)
$5.99 $9.99


Power One batteries are compatible with all makes and models of hearing aids and feature the longest battery life of any hearing aid battery we tested.

The Power One batteries are easily the world's most popular hearing aid battery. Plus they are mercury free.

They feature a quality sealed packet and are tested before being dispensed for sale. The batteries themselves also feature an easy to use removable tab for insertion into the battery door for those with dexterity issues.


- Brand: Power One
- Sizes Available: 312, 10, 13, 675
- Suitable for ALL hearing aid types and styles
- Packaging: Rotary dial pack
- Battery Capacity: 180mAh
- Voltage: 1.4V

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