Size 312 Batteries - Signia Brand

Quantity: One Packet (6 Cells)


The Signia size 312 battery is cutting edge hearing aid battery technology designed to help you get the most time out of your hearing aids so you can stay connected to the world around you.

Featuring the new mercury free and long life zinc air technology that keeps the internal battery charge cool even during use to maximise hearing aid performance, you can now look forward to reliable, long lasting power for your hearing aids that will allow you to stay focused on the things that are important.

Best of all, we guarantee the lowest price on our hearing aid batteries in Australia. Find it cheaper and we will beat it by 5%

- Size 312 hearing aid batteries (brown tab)
- Dimensions: 3.6mm high with a 7.9mm diameter
- Suitable for all hearing aid style types
- 1.45 volts Zinc-Air - 180 mAh
- 3 year shelf life
- Easy tab applicator for those with dexterity issues

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