Phonak - Virto B50 CIC/IIC
Phonak - Virto B50 CIC/IIC
Phonak - Virto B50 CIC/IIC

Phonak - Virto B50 CIC/IIC

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Phonak Virto B. Audibly big. Visibly small. Life is on.

Phonak Virto B hearing aids were created to simplify your life and make hearing effortless. What makes Virto B so special is its tiny size for discreet, virtually invisible hearing, all while being powered by the unique operating system called AutoSense OS. It senses your surroundings and adjusts your hearing aids every step of the way. All you have to do is turn them on and the rest is automatic.

Product Description 

It's going to be the closest thing you get to having your hearing back

The Virto B platform is specifically designed to provide hearing performance in situations such as restaurants, noisy streets and around a hectic dinner table, while helping lower listening effort.

The Phonak Virto B Custom Product family is designed with you in mind. Individually crafted and tailored to your hearing needs, Virto B automatically adapts to your specific listening situation and allows you to better understand speech. Designed to fit perfectly into your ear canal for ultimate comfort, there is no other hearing aid this small, capable of this much performance.

Tinnitus? Phonak can help with that

With static presets and ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals, Phonak hearing aids provide welcome relief for tinnitus sufferers.


Main features of the Virto B platform

Features B90 B70 B50
Channels 20 16 12
Programs 5 5 5
Speech Focus Yes Yes Yes
Comfort in Noise Yes Yes Yes
Speech in Wind Yes No No
WindBlock Yes Yes No
Bluetooth Wireless No No No
Speech in Car Yes No No
Remote Option Optional Optional Optional
Battery Charging No No No

SpeechFocus - A giant leap forward for improved speech understanding vs without hearing aids. This program zooms in on a single voice in a noisy environment.

Conversation in wind - Speech in wind functionality is also available in some models of Virto, allowing for clear conversation even outside on a windy day.

UltraZoom - Another feature designed to help with speech intelligibility in a noisy environment. Utilising the directionality function of the hearing devices, depending on technology levels to provide varying degrees of focus when a human voice is detected.

Speech in car - A huge reduction in listening effort on the previous generation of Virto when it comes to hearing conversation in the car.

Product Brochures

Click Here For PDF (Phonak Virto B Brochure).