Starkey - Muse i1200 RIC

Starkey - Muse i1200 RIC

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Durable, Comfortable, Dependable

Muse is Starkey's most advanced technology that offers supreme sound quality and premium features. Muse is customised to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experience.

Product Description

Made for life

It's been proven that hearing health is directly connected to overall health and well-being.

When you're able to hear and engage with the world around you, you live a better and healthier life.

Starkey has designed Muse to help people hear better and live better lives, and this has led to their biggest breakthrough in hearing technology to date.

Muse - Starkey's most advanced technology, offers supreme sound quality, premium features, enhanced listening experiences and for a customised fit unique to your hearing needs.

Made for everywhere you are

Muse hearing aids enable people to hear better in difficult environments and live a better life.

You want to hear all the subtleties of life - the inflections in the voice of a spouse or the nuances in the notes of a favourite song. Whether it's one-on-one or in the most crowded places, you'll hear the world around you.


The main features of the Starkey Muse platform:

Listening in noise

Advanced noise reduction technology and precise directional microphones work together to help make speech easier to hear in today's complex listening environments.

Enhanced convenience and confidence

Rechargeable hearing aids are now available. Enjoy continuous, stable and uninterrupted power throughout your day.

Better connections

Stream TV, music and more to your hearing aids. SurfLink Mobile 2, SurfLink Media 2 and SurfLink Remote offer carefree hands-free connectivity and control with no worn device.

Works with your phone

While other hearing aid manufacturers require you to wear a device around your neck, SurfLink accessories offer a direct wireless connection between your mobile phone, or any other Bluetooth device - and your hearing aids.

No buzzing or whistling

Starkey's best-in-class feedback cancellation system providing feedback-free, comfortable listening all-day long.

Music the way it was meant to be heard

Designed to allow you to experience music in a while new way. Now you can hear every note the way the artist intended - with pure, refined sound quality.

Customisable tinnitus relief

Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology integrated into Muse to bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

Product Brochures

Click Here For PDF (Starkey Muse Brochure)