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Widex - Beyond 330

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Connected hearing never sounded better

With the Widex BEYOND made-for-iPhone hearing aid, you will finally have a device that provides exceptional connectivity and leading-edge sound. With a customisable iPhone app allowing full streaming functionality and control over your listening environment, you will be seamlessly connected anywhere, anytime.

Product Description 

Widex BEYOND is powered by proven UNIQUE technology, which enhances performance and provides exceptionally clear sound quality

Widex BEYOND is packed with powerful technology, making it easier for you to hear in challenging situations.  At the heart of the UNIQUE technology, the multidimensional Sound Classification System captures and purifies sound, ensuring that audibility of speech and listening comfort are central.

Every listening situation is assessed with precision, and the amount of speech and noise in every moment is identified against the hearing profile of the user.

Other outstanding Widex features, such as True Input Technology, Soft Level Noise Reduction and SMARTWIND Manager, integrate to give wearers comfortable, natural sound in all listening situations, while also optimising speech understanding.

Connected hearing... never sounded better!


Main features of the Widex Beyond platform:

Features 440 330 220
Technology Class Ultimate Premium Standard
Channels 15 10 6
Programs 5 4 3
Real Time Speech Enhancer Yes No No
High Frequency Boost Yes No No
Phone+ Yes Yes No
Speech Enhancer Yes Yes No
Noise Reduction Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth/Wireless Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control (optional) Yes Yes Yes


The BEYOND is the first hearing device with three wireless connectivity options. The state of the art Tri-Link technology with 2.4 GHz pure-link, telecoil and WidexLink technology. With multi-connectivity solutions, wearers are instantly connected to their iPhones, T-Coil and the full range of DEX communication solutions.

With BEYOND, connectivity doesn’t stop with the app. The range of DEX Rechargeables using the TV-Base communication solutions keep wearers connected to a world of sounds.

Soft Level Noise Reduction

With BEYOND, soft speech sounds can be heard, while bothersome soft noises are reduced. This is achieved with Soft Level Noise Reduction – a purification process that can identify the difference between soft speech and ambient environmental noise.

Smartwind Manager

The Smartwind Manager in the Widex BEYOND has the best wind noise identification process in the industry. It uses active two-microphone Wind Noise Attenuation, including adaptive filtering that analyses the sound from the two microphones in each hearing aid to determine the characteristics of the wind noise and subtracts the wind noise from the signal in the microphone, while preserving other sounds.

Sound Quality

A highly innovative signal processing chip-set design, with 100% independent channel separation, minimal delay filters and 4 A/D converters, BEYOND provides wearers with the cleanest sound of any hearing aid in the industry - even while streaming.

The Perfect Fit

Industry-leading Widex Easywear prevents lateral migration, providing a discreet, cosmetically appealing appearance, while maintaining exceptional sound quality.

Full Flexibility

A uniquely designed push button for program adjustments, preference control or hearing aid mute functionality.

Full Protection

Widex nanocoating protects BEYOND inside and out against moisture.

Battery Life

Designed specifically for the demands of connectivity and using minimal battery power, the Widex BEYOND boasts the lowest current consumption of any made-for-iPhone streaming hearing aid in the industry.

Product Brochures 

Click Here For PDF (Widex BEYOND Brochure)