Nx Platform

Replicating nature.

Signia Nx with OVP™ for the most natural own voice and highest acceptance.


Signia Nx, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform, delivers unsurpassed first fit acceptance by combining uncompromised audibility with a natural sounding own voice.


The world’s first natural own voice.

Overall audibility and a natural sounding own voice are essential for first fit acceptance. Yet many hearing aid wearers think their voice sounds unnatural which can lead to dropouts.

Signia Nx, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform, provides the industry’s first genuine solution to the own voice issue with uncompromised audibility and speech understanding in noise.

The most advanced soundscape processing in the industry.

Beyond the wearer’s experience of a natural own voice, Ultra HD e2e also powers binaural beam-forming technology to provide clear speech understanding and a natural experience in all situations, even the loudest.


Superior hearing plus Bluetooth

Only Signia hearing aids combine the most advanced connectivity technologies to deliver a natural-sounding own voice and uncompromised audibility with direct streaming. Thanks to its unrivaled energy efficiency, Signia offers the industry’s only wireless system combining Bluetooth and Ultra HD e2e.

Replicating Nature.

Explore the Signia Nx hearing aid ranges:

The world’s first SLIM-RIC hearing aid combines style with high-tech hearing.

A practically invisible natural hearing experience. Simply fit and go. 

Insio Nx

A practically invisible natural hearing

The most natural own voice with convenient wireless rechargeability.

Simplicity with a
naturally clear

The smallest fully featured hearing aid with direct streaming.

Superior connectivity combined with the longest streaming time.

Direct streaming with the most versatile fitting options.

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