Technology levels

The level of technology inside your hearing aid can make all the difference

Choosing the right technology level can come down to a number of factors. Lifestyle, price, form factor and more can all play a role in helping you and the clinician find a starting point on your journey to hearing again. When it comes to hearing technology however, most of the hearing solutions you will find on the market can be grouped into three main technology categories


Three main technology tiers


If you have a very active lifestyle, spend the majority of your time in noisy situations, or simply want the best technology available, then you are most likely a candidate for the ultimate technology level.

Devices found in his level are usually fully automatic, have cutting edge noise reduction and generally excel in helping you hear in crowded rooms, noisy tables and social settings. Things such as direct audio streaming to your phone and television are also common on this technology tier.

48-60 channels of sound

Fully automatic functionality

High filtering of background noise

Bluetooth connectivity


If you occasionally go out to a restaurant, but feel like your primary listening situation is a quiet environment, then you may be a candidate for the premium technology level.

This type of technology uses a more basic noise reduction algorithm, but can be beneficial for those infrequent noisy situations. Sound quality at this level is still very high in fidelity and automatic functionality is also still moderately high. Direct audio streaming to phone and TV via bluetooth can also be found in this tier.

30-40 channels of sound

High automatic functionality

Some filtering of background noise

Bluetooth connectivity


If you are only in quiet environments, then you may be a candidate for the standard technology level.

This technology level features less automatic functionality, and very basic noise filtering software for places such as restaurants, social events and around the dinner table. It will however more than assist in many of the more basic listening environments. Audio fidelity is lower than the other two higher levels, but some models still have direct audio streaming of the phone and TV.

16-24 channels of sound

Medium automatic functionality

Low filtering of background noise

Bluetooth connectivity

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