Economy hearing aims to keep hearing care local. To do this we work closely with your local hearing care providers to ensure local care and service, along with positive outcomes for your hearing. 

Our terms and conditions are as follows:

1. Economy Hearing acts as a liaison between you and the hearing care provider we nominate to perform your hearing rehabilitation. To achieve the desired outcomes specified on our website and promotional material, your nominated hearing specialist will perform the following work when taking on your rehabilitation:

- A full hearing assessment
- Case history
- Otoscopy
- Tympanogram (if necessary)
- Fitting of hearing instruments purchased through Economy Hearing
- 8 weeks of rehabilitation appointments

Please note that all costs associated with this work are included in the advertised price on our website.

2. We guarantee the following fitting time frames from purchase

- For all RIC and BTE hearing aids, we guarantee a 15 day fitting window from date of purchase
- For all custom and in the ear hearing aid products, we guarantee a 30 day fitting window from date of purchase
- You are eligible for a full refund in the event we are unable to meet the nominated time frames

3. Economy Hearing provides a full 60 day money back guarantee in the event our nominated hearing care provider is not able to achieve the desired outcomes you are looking for. Please note the following:

- This is from the date of purchase on the Economy Hearing website
- Reason for refund will need to be submitted in writing to Economy Hearing directly, as well as communicated with the hearing specialist performing your rehabilitation
- A refund can take up to 30 days from request to be processed
- A refund also will need to be cleared by the manufacturer to ensure no damage has been made to the hearing aids being returned.

4. All hearing instruments sold on our website are covered by a 3 year warranty. The specifics of which are outlined in documentation provided at the date of fitting. Please refer to this document for more information specific to your make and model of hearing aid.

5. After sales care and maintenance is handled by the nominated hearing care provider. Economy Hearing only guarantees the work found in point 1 of our terms and conditions. Any break downs and repairs incurred during the warranty period fall under the warranty provisions outlined by the hearing aid manufacturer provided at the time of fitting.

It is at the discretion of the nominated hearing care provider as to what costs and fees are incurred outside that framework.