Siemens/Signia - Pure Charge&Go 7Nx

Siemens/Signia - Pure Charge&Go 7Nx

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The most natural sound in hearing. The Pure Charge&Go 7Nx 

With every Pure Charge&Go receive a free charger valued at over $400!

The brand new Pure Charge&Go 7Nx represents the latest hearing aid technology from Signia. Featuring the new OVP (Own Voice Processing) technology, the Nx range delivers the most natural hearing experience through overcoming a common issue for wearers; their own voice.

Product Description 

Equipped with all benefits of the new Signia Nx platform, Pure Charge&Go Nx keep the wearer’s own voice and remaining soundscape in perfect balance. This way, it offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance in a small, elegant housing.

The unique laser edge antenna design delivers the smallest possible size for Bluetooth-based direct streaming and remote control via the myControl App without compromising on the highest hearing performance.

Hearing your own voice

Many hearing aid users do not like the sound of their own voice, as it can sound loud and unnatural. As a world's first, Signia's Nx solves this: Its Own Voice Processing provides you with a natural sounding own voice combined with optimal hearing of all other sounds for the most natural listening experience.

Speech in noise

Thanks to its Speech Quality, Signia's Nx enables you to hear speech clearly in all situations, through advanced noise suppression technologies. This makes it easier for you to understand your conversation partner, even in very noisy environments such as a restaurant or a conference.

Conversation while moving

The 3D Classifier of Nx provides advanced, automatic control in all situations to let you enjoy the highest hearing performance. To deliver optimal hearing even when moving, the hearing aid settings are automatically adjusted based on the myControl App's motion data.

Crystal clear sound

Signia Nx's Sound Clarity offers the most natural, lifelike sound in all environments. This industry leading technology lets you enjoy crystal clear sound, even in the loudest environments.

Maximum discretion

Pure sophistication in a small package: With its small, elegant housing Signia's Nx range sit unobtrusively behind your ear. It can be remotely controlled via your smartphone for a maximum of convenience and discretion.

For all levels of hearing loss

Mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing loss, Signia's Nx has one of the industries broadest fitting ranges which allows us to tackle all these challenges and gives you back the natural sounds of life.

Signia tinnitus solutions

Signia's Nx range of hearing solutions can also help tune out tinnitus with the unique built-in tinnitus therapies from Signia. Our team can adapt this technology to help you address tinnitus. 

Connect to the world around you


With Signia's Nx you can stream phone calls directly from Bluetooth enabled smartphones directly to your hearing aids for complete convenience. Now enjoy crystal clear conversation.


Listen to your favourite music streamed directly to your hearing aids from your device for an outstanding sound experience. You can even stream from an iPad, tablet or laptop.


With Streamline TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids. You can easily start streaming and adjust the volume by using the myControl app on your phone.

Remote control

The myControl app lets you change the Signia Nx's settings remotely and personalise your hearing aids to suit your individual preferences. No more fiddling with small buttons or costly accessories. 



Features 7nx 5nx 3nx
Channels 48 32 24
Programs 6 6 6
Speech Master Yes Yes Yes
EchoShield Yes
eWindScreen Binaural Yes Semi
Bluetooth Wireless Yes Yes Yes
HD Music 3 1 1
Remote Option Yes Yes Yes
Battery Charging Yes Yes Yes

OVP: Own Voice Processing
- OVP™ provides the most natural sounding own voice experience. Signia Nx hearing aids are able to identify the wearer’s own voice separately to other voices in the environment via its revolutionary dual processing.

Soundscape Processing - The all new Ultra HD e2e link between the Signia Nx hearing aids allows for industry leading beam-forming, directional technology providing clear speech clarity in high levels of background noise. Distortion free listening in all environments, the Signia Nx utilises a 3D classifying system to provide an outstanding experience of the surrounding soundscape.

Direct Streaming Connectivity - Signia Nx provides Bluetooth direct connectivity to your iPhone, allowing you to listen to phone calls and music without the need for additional accessories. In addition, streaming is available from all other Smartphones and television via the StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV accessories.

Signia Telecare - Signia Nx hearing aid wearers can contact their hearing care professional any time remotely from the comfort of their own home via the myHearing app. With the soon to be released Telecare 3.0, the clinician can remotely program the hearing aids from their office simply by sending the new settings through the myHearing app.

MyControl App - MyControl allows for the wearer to easily and discretely access the volume and programs within their hearing aids. The my Control app also sends information to the hearing aids via the iPhone motion sensor, telling the hearing aid if you are on the move or stationary. This information, in addition to the acoustic information ensures the hearing aids automatically adjust to every situation for the ultimate in hearing clarity.

Product Brochures

Click Here For PDF (Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx Product Brochure)

Click Here For PDF (Signia Nx Overview)

Click Here For PDF (Signia Nx: OVP Overview)

Frequently Asked Questions

For which levels of hearing loss is the Pure Charge&Go suitable? Pure Charge&Go is suitable for all levels of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe, or profound). 

How is the battery runtime of Charge&Go? Can I use it with full charge the whole day long? 
Yes. With Pure Charge & Go, we offer a daily runtime of 19h without streaming and 17h with 5h direct streaming via Bluetooth. Considering the fact that an average daily usage of hearing aids is 16h, you can use Pure Charge&Go without any concern about battery life, even with direct audio streaming.

Full-charging time of Pure Charge&Go is approximately 3 hours. Can I still use it if I do not have time for making a full charge?
Yes. With the fast charging option provided by Pure Charge&Go, you can use the hearing aids 6 hours long with a 30 min charge.

What is the main advantage of Lithium-Ion battery compared to other rechargeable solutions in the market?
 The lithium-ion battery is currently the best rechargeable solution in the market with its longer daily battery runtime, longer overall battery life, and shorter charging time with fast-charge.

What is the main benefit of wireless inductive charging offered by Pure Charge&Go?
 Pure Charge&Go uniquely offers the revolutionary wireless inductive charging with the following benefits:
- Increased ease of use because exact placement of the device in the charger’s cradle is not required
- No electronic contacts that can collect dirt and debris
- Improved water, sweat and dust resistance

How can Pure Charge&Go provide a more natural hearing than its competitors?
 Many hearing aid users do not like the sounds of their own voices as it sounds loud and unnatural. Our revolutionary OVP (Own Voice Processing) function provides you with a natural sounding own voice combined with optimal hearing of all other sounds for the most pleasant, natural listening experience.

Can I stream phone calls and/or music directly into my Pure Charge&Go hearing aids? 
Yes. With Pure Charge&Go, you can use direct audio streaming from iOS (Apple) devices with “made-for-iPhone (MFi) hearing aids” standard. Audio streaming from other mobile devices (Android smartphones, older Apple devices, PCs, laptops and other Bluetooth mobile devices) is possible via our StreamLine Mic accessory.
Click here for the list of made-for-iPhone compatible Apple devices

Can I stream from my TV into my Pure Charge&Go hearing aids? 
Yes. With our StreamLine TV accessory, you can stream from your TV directly into your Pure Charge&Go hearing aids.

What kind of control elements does Pure Charge&Go offer?
There is a push button on the device for onboard control. Additionally, it can also be controlled remotely via myControl App, which is freely downloadable onto your smartphone.