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Small, stylish and superbly discreet

Ideal for discerning wearers, the new Pure™ primax combines elegant sophistication with the power of primax technology in a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid. Small, stylish and superbly discreet, its premium design and high-end features deliver outstanding hearing so that wearers can hear effortlessly throughout the day.

Product Description

Enjoy life’s true sound.

Signia offers a CROS/BiCROS solution for people with an unaidable hearing loss in one ear. Now, not only can you hear and understand clearly, but you can also hear with less strain.

The hearing aids are barely visible and connect wirelessly via the Signia CROS Pure Transmitter. So if someone is speaking to the unaidable side, the signals are processed, transmitted wirelessly and, depending on the level of the hearing impairment in the better ear and the specific environment, the speech signals are amplified.

Reduced hearing stress in every situation.

Whether at work in an open-plan office, on the telephone, or at lunch you can hear clearly anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the wireless transmission from the unaidable ear to the ear with better hearing, you can follow conversations effortlessly, even when someone is speaking to you on your unaidable side.

Our new feature, SpeechMaster, identifies the target speech source and isolates it by reducing other competing speech and noise. This innovative technology allows for clear hearing with minimal effort even in a noisy environment.

With Signia’s wireless CROS/BiCROS, you can have better hearing everywhere.

Designed for people with unaidable hearing loss in one ear, Signia’s CROS/BiCROS hearing solutions offer better hearing all around. A CROS Pure transmitter worn behind the unaidable ear detects sound, processes it, and transmits it to the hearing aid on the other side allowing you to hear sounds from both sides.


CROS Pure transmitter.

Beautifully refined.

Based on Signia’s proprietary e2e wireless® 3.0, with its industry benchmark for low energy consumption, CROS Pure is the transmitter used for all CROS/BiCROS hearing aid fittings.

Directional microphones. Improves speech understand in noise by focusing on the person in front of the wearer

e2e wireless 30 This third-generation wireless data exchange system enables the energy-efficient audio data transmission to the corresponding primax hearing aid

Battery compartment For a size 312 battery. With on/off function

IP67-rated Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt

Sleek housing CROS Pure fits discreetly behind the ear and offers a high degree of wearing comfort.

miniReceiver Available in four different lengths for retention. Please note: No output is provided by the receiver when attached to the CROS Pure.

Product Brochures 

Click Here For PDF (Siemens/Signia CROS Brochure).

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