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Technology Level: Silk 3 Nx
Ears: Left Ear



Simply fit and go. The new Silk Nx delivers a natural hearing experience in its discreet size, instant fit, and exceptional sound quality. The only ready-to-wear CIC with Ultra HD e2e for superior wireless binaural processing is also 20% smaller than Silk primax™ for ultimate discretion. 

Thanks to its flexible silicone Click Sleeves, Silk Nx offers a precise fit without waiting times. And for wearers with unaidable hearing loss in one ear, CROS Silk Nx provides the most discreet solution – the world’s first CROS CIC hearing aid. Silk Nx is compatible with the touchControl App for discreet remote control and TeleCare ready for smoother trials.

Product Description

Discretion that's ready to wear.

No waiting! Simply walk into our office, try Silk on, and once they've been adjusted, take them with you. Unlike custom hearing aids that fit inside your ears you don't have to wait for Silk to be custom-made. Thanks to their silicone sleeves, our specialist team can fit and adjust them to your personal preferences on the spot. Just like that, you're ready to step out to the sound of effortless hearing.

Silk hearing aids are packed full of advanced features that deliver outstanding sound quality. Its revolutionary binaural OneMic directionality boosts your ear's natural focus on specific sounds from the front while filtering out annoying noises from behind. And thanks to its wireless connectivity, you can stream audio directly into your ears and enjoy the convenience of a wide range of accessories, such as remote controls.

Enjoy life's true sound.

Silk tackles the challenge of hearing in a noisy environment with ease. Its advanced SpeechMaster function continuously monitors what you are listening to. It focuses automatically on your conversation partner while simultaneously reducing unwanted voices and background noise. You hear what you want to hear most clearly. As a result, hearing with Silk often requires even less strain than normal hearing. All day long. In every situation.

Tinnitus? Relief is at hand.

With static presets and ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals, our hearing aids provide welcome relief for tinnitus sufferers. Ask your hearing care profession about this feature inside the Silk range of hearing technology.



 Features 7 Nx 5 Nx 3 Nx
Channels 48 32 24
Programs 6 6 6
Speech Master Yes Yes Yes
EchoShield Yes
eWindScreen Binaural Yes Semi
Bluetooth Wireless No No No
HD Music 3 1 1
Remote Option Yes Yes Yes
Battery Charging

Directional microphones
- Improve speech understanding in noise by focusing on the person in front of you

SpeechMaster - Singles out the dominant speaker, reducing extraneous voices and sounds. You hear what you want, but not the rest. As a result, hearing becomes effortless and less tiring, all day long

SoundSmoothing - This automatic function works in conjunction with SpeechMaster to help you stay focused on voices, while smoothing out other background noise such as the clattering of cutlery or the rustling of a newspaper. 

IP67-rated - Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt for greater reliability.

eWindScreen - Whenever you are outside in wind, this feature automatically activates, helping tackle intrusive breeze to help you stay focused on what you are trying to hear, not the wind

EchoShield - This program virtually eliminates reverberation, delivering clearer sound. No more echoing and jumbled sounds.

HD Music - This program is designed for lovers of music with a dedicated program to provide amazing sound quality for a superb music listening experience.

Product FAQs 

I need an invisible device. Is Silk really the right solution for me? Yes. With its high level of discretion (20% smaller than its predecessor), the new Silk is practically invisible.

Can I control my Silk hearing aids remotely? Yes. We offer a direct and very convenient remote control of your hearing aids via our touchControl app, which is freely downloadable onto your smartphone.

I do not have any smartphone. Is there a remote control possibility for Silk other than an app? Yes. Our miniPocket accessory also provides a highly convenient remote control.

Can I stream phone calls, music and/or TV directly into my Silk hearing aids? With the Twin Phone functionality we offer, activated via touchControl App or miniPocket accessory, you can hear a phone call in both hearing aids if your phone will be held close to one hearing aid. Music and TV streaming are not supported.

I have hearing loss in one ear, only. Do you have an 'invisible' solution for me? Yes. You can use our new Silk together with our CROS Silk accessory. They are compatible with each other and provide the best hearing quality together with highest discretion.

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