Unitron - Moxi Tempus 500

Unitron - Moxi Tempus 500

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Tempus drives conversation. 100% of patients want conversations to be easier. Mission accomplished

The new Moxi Tempus platform from Unitron helps solve the biggest complaints hearing aid wearers have around conversations. Tempus delivers high performance to conquer the listening environments that people find most challenging - conversations in noise and crowds. The new Moxi Tempus delivers Unitron's most realistic sound. Ever.

Product Description

Take command of conversations

Whether sharing, laughing, working, or simply being a great listener, our intelligent SoundCore technology makes conversations more enjoyable. Four features work together to understand your listening environment, making the adjustments needed to actively participate in every conversation, across every environment.

Putting speech in its place

SpeechPro lets you understand speech, and know where it's coming from, in the most challenging listening situation: conversations in noise and crowds.

Spatial Awareness keeps it real

Spatial Awareness gets the hearing instruments out of the way so you can truly know which direction and other sounds are coming from. This results in a more natural, realistic sound experience with less effort.


Main features of the Unitron Moxi Tempus platform:

Features Pro 800 700
Technology Level Ultimate Premium Standard
Channels of Sound 20 20 16
SoundNav Environments 7 7 6
Speech Focus & SpeechPro Yes No No
Music Program Yes Yes No
Speech Locator Yes Yes Yes
Noise Program Yes Yes Yes
Spatial Awareness Dynamic Basic Basic
Bluetooth/Wireless Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control (option) Yes Yes Yes

Focused on conversations - With Moxi, Unitron helps you focus on conversation with ease.

50% more accurate than ever before - Moxi Tempus is 50% more accurate than ever before. Delivering an outstanding experience for all conversation.

36% faster than ever before - Unitron's fastest hearing platform yet, delivering seamless changes at the speed of sound, so you simply hear better.

Fully automatic hearing aids - Using an infinite mix of seven sound situations, the Tempus delivers what you need, no matter the situation.

Product Brochures

Click Here For PDF (Unitron Tempus Brochure).